Femme Libérée

Femme Libérée was founded on an impetus passion for fashion and a wish to empower women all over the world. Inspired by women, their lives and needs, the ambition is to make practical shoes that support the above purpose.

Our main mission is offering high quality, timeless, classic and elegant shoes that will fit every occasion and every day.  

Our collection consists of a small number of models, in order to create each pair of shoes with the vision of it becoming a staple in your closet; shoes that you enjoy throughout the passage of day, day by day. 

Since we wanted to make the perfect shoe, we decided without a doubt to manufacture our shoes in Italy with the best quality materials. 

Femme Libérée means free women in French - the name spotlights our goal of making you feel beautiful, and stopping the endless conflict between looking your best and just being yourself.


About the Founders

The enthusiasm for shoes emanates from a personal need and the tiredness of overthinking shoes. This is why our biggest mission was to create shoes that can be not less than a perfect match for every event: for daytime and nighttime, for the office and the after work drink.


Maya Yaari has always been fascinated by aesthetics and curious about design, art and fashion. So, although she followed her family tradition, and pursued higher education studies, she could not give up on fashion. She got her BA at the "Hebrew University of Jerusalem", and she is an MBA alumna as well. But, she also studied Fashion design at "Istituto Marangoni" in Paris branch, and graduated Fashion Management in "Shenkar College for Engineering, Design and Art". Maya worked in finance corporations in several roles in banking and financial services.

Ya’ara Tal has always found materials and fabrics inspirational, in particular Shoes have always been her deep desire. So, it was only natural that she chose this subject as the focus of her studies. She learned shoemaking from the basics and got in-depth knowledge of the technical and visual aspects of shoe creation. She worked with designers as well as with consumers.